bring calm to your classroom

Struggling to keep your classroom calm?

Calma was developed to help teachers create better learning environments for students through scientific based mindfulness principles and techniques. 

Calma’s Mindfulness Classroom Curriculum featured on Louisville’s Wave 3 News: Assignment Education

Featured on Kentucky Education Television, the Calma Mindfulness Curricula reduces behavioral issues in the classroom

Calma - Awareness


Calma - Breathing


Calma - Listening


Calma - Gratitude


Calma - Empathy


I’ve tried other mindfulness programs, like Headspace, but there really isn’t anything else out there like Calma for the classroom. My students love learning new mindfulness strategies and Calma introduced these skills in a fun, novel way! My favorite thing about Calma is that it helps them slow down. Even my most active students have shown the ability to still their bodies and minds, and then take that calm feeling with them into our next learning activity. I now see students independently using the breathing strategies to calm themselves during the day when they feel frustrated or anxious.

– Lauren Pum, San Antonio TX

Featured in Today's Woman Magazine: "Be More Mindful"