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Why do you need a Calma coach?

Kids generally meltdown or act up because they lack the tools to manage the emotions they are experiencing in the moment. “Behavioral problems” are an expression of a child’s inability to manage thoughts, express emotions and control their actions. Most kids don’t lack a desire to behave well or get along with others, they lack the ability to do so.

Often, parents don’t know how to equip their kids with these skills, so they try to stop the behavior from happening without ever getting to the root cause.

Helping kids understand how their thoughts, emotions and brain work, and how to regain or remain in control, will help them manage the challenges of life from a young age, and even feel empowered to take on challenges overtime.

MEet the Calma Coach Founder - Nellie Springston

Nellie has worked as a behavioral specialist in schools for nearly a decade. She trained in schools in New York City that were creating calm school cultures by using positive language and preventative behavioral strategies developed by some of the best psychologists of our time.
 At this time, she also had her first child who was very “fiery” and required her to use every single behavioral strategy she had learned for the classroom (and more!) in her own home.

Now, she enjoys one-on-one behavior coaching because it allows her to work with children (which she loves!) while also supporting parents who simply want the best for their children, but who haven’t studied childhood behavior for more than a decade like she has.

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We will provide your kids with life’s foundation for managing themselves. 

My practice is about preventing the problems that come from a life without these tools.

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Childhood can be stressful! We all have days when big feelings make us feel out of control. It is important for children to learn how to handle their own thoughts, emotions and behavior.

Calma Cat helps by teaching self-regulation in a simple, effective way through mindful breathing.

Help your child learn to be a Calma kid for a happier, more peaceful life.

We went to work with Nellie to help our daughter with disruptive outbursts at home.  In just a few sessions with Nellie our daughter was more calm and in control of her behavior.  Nellie gave our daughter the confidence and tools she needed to name and regulate her feelings.  Our home has been more calm and stable for all of us. We are grateful to Nellie for her work. 

– Lindsey Fleming

Work with Nellie

Choosing the right person to work with your child is a major decision. The first step is the schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery session with Nellie.

If she is the right fit to help your child, a minimum of six (6) sessions are recommended and are typically broken down like this:

  • Sessions 1 -2: Nellie works with the child one-on-one
  • Sessions 3 – 4:  Nellie equips the parents with language and behavioral strategies to support the child in the home
  • Sessions 5 – 6: Depend on the child and family’s progress and needs

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